Clinical Rehab Melbourne (Previously Clinical Pilates)

We love to exercise, we love strengthening and we love Pilates! And with our new open floor plan studio in Melbourne, we can bring Clinical Rehabilitation to you in the best possible way.

Clinical rehab is utilising Pilates informed exercise as a physiotherapy treatment tool used for improving and maintaining function. Our expert practitioners will tailor a specific program for your individual needs. Whether you are injured, requiring rehabilitation, working on prevention or simply building a better you, Clinical Rehab is fantastic.

Our classes combine therapeutic and remedial exercises to treat a specific injury or condition, by focusing on the retraining and recruitment of these stabilizing muscles (core stability) as well as improving posture, strength and flexibility. Clinical Rehab will help you understand -AND FEEL- muscle groups in a way you haven’t before.

We always begin with ‘Introduction to Reformer’, a 1:1 assessment for 60 minutes by your physio to assess suitability.  You can then choose to continue on:


  • 1:1 Session – Private Sessions – Reformer 1:1

This session runs for 30 mins with just yourself and your physiotherapist. This is a good option for those just starting out to build confidence before joining group session or those that enjoy the benefits of 1:1 or those with a specific injury. Private Health Insurance rebate available (depending on your level of cover).


  •  Clinical Rehab (Previously Clinical Pilates)

Fantastic, safe, dynamic stability programs, with small group participants of 5 people in a session, with each person working to their own program in a supervised environment. This session runs for 45 mins led by a fully qualified physiotherapist. This includes Pre and Post Natal group sessions.

Private Health Insurance rebate available (depending on your level of cover). For more info, visit: Timetable


  • Reformer Pilates

Lead by Physiotherapists for groups of up to 6 participants, this guided class is taught on Reformers and focuses on the deep-layer muscular pattern in body functional strength. It’s a fun and full-on core workout in a skillful class combining stability, flexibility and body awareness; our dynamic Reformer Pilates Class emphasizes the complete co-ordination of mind and body.

No Private Health Insurance rebates available. 

For more info, visit: Timetable


  • Reduced pain (stiffness, tiredness, neck or back pain)
  • Increase function and fitness
  • Build core power
  • Improvement of posture, core muscle strength, and flexibility
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Boosted immune system and increased respiratory system efficiency
  • Improved concentration and reduced stress level

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