Clinical Physiotheraphy

Our Clinical Physio service has been carefully designed and tailored to promote your health and inform your lifestyle. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, recovering from surgery or, managing a sporting injury, we have the experience and expertise to effectively manage your needs. Your body is the vessel in which you move through this life, and our clinical physio service ensures its nurture.

Personal Service and Clinical Expertise

At QV Physiotherapy, we know that every one of our clients has a unique background and reason for working with us. We cater to a broad catalogue of needs – by working closely with you and observing your condition or ailment, we put ourselves in the optimal position to devise a highly personal regime specific to your needs. With astute observation and insight, our clinical physio service efficiently delivers treatment designed to give you the best possible outcome.

Our highly skilled team brings a wealth of clinical experience and has developed exceptional client manner through their management of diverse physiotherapy needs.



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Clinical Physio For:

  • Recovery and rehabilitation after surgery
  • Hamstring and muscle injuries
  • Back, neck, foot and knee pains
  • Degenerative injuries including joints and tendon issues
  • Issues with posture

Clinical Treatment:

  • Observation and problem diagnosis
  • Personalised treatment plan design
  • Clinical consultation including exercise recommendations and frequency of treatment
  • Further treatments, consultations and referrals if needed