Vasish Vasan 

Vasish Vasan

Focuses: sports injuries, exercise rehabilitation, lower limb injuries, shoulder pain

Vasish graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) and moved straight into the sports physio space. He is passionate about exercise rehabilitation and has experience treating athletes in sub-elite football, rugby and cricket. Vasish was previously Head Physio at Old Xavs SC for Division 1 Female Athletes and is currently a Physio at Box Hill Rugby Union FC. He has a strong passion for treating sporting and musculoskeletal injuries, which stems from his own experiences playing high level cricket and football.

Vasish enjoys empowering you to develop self-sustainable strategies with your health. This includes the use of active rehabilitation and manual therapy as effective tools to recover and prevent further injury. Vasish loves being active and wants everyone to seamlessly enjoy moving just as much as he does.

In his spare time Vasish play District cricket over the summer and in the winter follows the Swans.


  • Physiotherapist