We have always taken pride in the cleanliness of our clinic, however amid the COVID-19 pandemic we are implementing stricter hygiene protocols to keep our clients and staff safe. We are committed to continue providing a quality physiotherapy service amid these difficult times. Please bear with us as we take the following necessary precautions so that our clinic remains a safe space for everyone:⁠

What we are doing:⁠

  • We are disinfecting ALL gym/Pilates equipment and common hi-touch surfaces (counters, door handles, elevator buttons, EFT machine etc) after every session
  • We are no longer using bed covers and all therapists are wiping down treatment beds and surfaces before and after each client⁠
  • Our appointments are now spaced at 10 minute intervals so that we have sufficient time to clean between clients⁠
  • Our appointment times are staggered to minimise numbers of people in the waiting room at any one time⁠
  • We have spaced out the seating in the waiting room⁠
  • As common practice, we wash our hands thoroughly between clients⁠
  • We have increased the number of hand sanitisers around the clinic, including a hand sanitising station outside the lifts⁠


What you can do:⁠

  • If you are sick, please inform our reception staff and refrain from coming into the clinic
  • We will not be enforcing any cancellation fees at this time⁠
  • Sanitise or wash your hands before you enter/leave the clinic using the amenities provided⁠
  • Sanitise or wash your hands before and after every class⁠
  • Please wipe down the reformer and gym equipment that you use – including weights, mats, balls etc. We have switched to disposable single use anti-bacterial wipes
  • Please wear grip socks and bring a towel to your classes⁠

QV Physio is a clean and hygienic environment and we will continue to enforce these protocols until further notice! Business will continue as usual for now, for any questions please call us on 9650 4149. ⁠